Viborg out of Champions League

← Previous Story Ivan Lapcevic joins Puerto Sagunto! Next Story → TOP 8 Women’s CL draw: Larvik and Budućnost are still separated The last year’s Champion League winner Viborg HK are out of this competition for this season, after they got knocked out by Dinamo Volgograd. The Danish champion thus, managed to lose the possibility to regain the title won in May 2010, so soon in November 2010, and will be one of few ‘reigning’ champions that are out so early.Viborg had a pyrrhic win at home against Dinamo with 36:29 (14:17), but this wasn’t enough to overcome the better goal difference that Dinamo Volgograd has. Also qualified from the same group are Buducnost, which won at home against Savehof with 33:26 (16:14).Viborg HK – Dinamo Volgograd 36:29 (14:17)VIBORG: Jurack 17, Mikkelsen 7, Aćimović 3, Chebbah 3, Varzaru 3, Frafjord 3, Savić 1.DINAMO: Lambevska 12, Khmyrova 6, Levina 4, Avdekova 3, Makeeva 2, Makarova 1, Iatsenko 1. read more

HP fans opinion Laszlo Nagy to MKB Veszprem – transfer of summer

More than 840 HP visitors answered on our Poll question about “The most important transfer of summer 2012”. About 48% think that is Laszlo Nagy with his surprising decision to left Spain and Barcelona after 11 years and join MKB Veszprem. On the second place is Mikkel Hansen’s move to Paris, third is Ivano Balic, who will play in Madrid.On this list isn’t Arpad Sterbik, which transfer to F.C Barcelona came after beginning of our Poll… ← Previous Story Marta Bon is new Slovenia (women) head-coach! Next Story → MVP in Russia 2011/2012: Morozov – Postnova and Levina! handball transfer of summer 2012Ivano BalicLaszlo NagyLuc AbaloMikkel HansenNiclas Ekberg read more


← Previous Story African Cup 2014: Tunisia and Algeria for the gold! Next Story → ROAD TO QATAR 2015: Poland VS Germany – Hungary against Slovenia! France or Denmark? Two great teams will decide about the European handball title on Sunday from 17:30 hrs in Herning . The current Olympic champion will try to return to the European throne with the victory over host team who will have the support of 14,000 fans in the stands.It is interesting that none of the two flinalists have never lost the finals of the European Championships. The “Experts” have won EURO 2006 and EURO 2010 , while e Danes did the same at EURO 2008 and EURO 2012. This means that European crown is in the hands of Onesta and Wilbek since 2004, when Germans won the gold in Slovenia.French generation showed that they aren’t “past” led by fantastic Nikola Karabatic, who is again on the highest possible level. Some fresh blood also came with Dumoulin between the posts, Nyokas, Grebille and Porte.Danish team had easy way to the semi-finals. Ulrik Wilbek saved a lot of energy for his last match on the bench…KARABATIC OR HANSEN?It is almost clear that TOP scorer of EHF EURO 2014 will be Joan Canellas. The award of MVP will have to wait final match, but that could be only two names – Mikkel Hansen and Nikola Karabatic. Danish left back scored 30 goals for his team and had 47 assists, 13 more from Karabatic, who scored 27 goals.PHOTO : Bjørn Kenneth Muggerud / Denmark Handballeuro 2014France handball read more

Sydney Uni unites 10 nations in its Super Globe squad

Handball Australiapascal winklerphilipp enderssydney uni Sydney Uni this week announced its squad for the IHF Super Globe, which will start on Sunday. German coach Philipp Enders picked players from no less than 10 nations, and is hopeful this team will achieve the best ever result – thanks to some new recruits, but also the unique Aussie team spirit.Question: Philipp, this is the third year the Sydney Uni Handball Club participates at the Super Globe as Oceania champions, after 2012 and 2013. What will be different from the previous years?Enders: That’s really difficult to anticipate. I am pretty sure that the talent and potential we combine is bigger than in previous years. But then we struggle again with similar things every year, like the lack of adequate opponents – which means we miss the intensity of those games.Question: What’s changed at Sydney Uni in the last 12 months since the last participation?Enders: For us, the preparation for the 2014 Super Globe started right after the last game at last year’s tournament. We had a very clear vision that we wanted to further improve our results.Towards the end of 2013 we then started an outreach with the aim of recruiting talented students and other keen young handball players from around the world, who wanted to join us for the 2014 Super Globe. We were inundated with inquiries, many did not lead to an agreement though as we’re a pure amateur club. In the end, we however still managed to recruit a few very good players.Question: So, as an amateur team you don’t pay any salaries or benefits? Enders: No, there’s absolutely no money involved.Question: So your budget is not really comparable with Europe then? Enders: No not really – for the whole club we operate with less than 30’000 Euros. This year, we had to deal with significant additional cost as we had to travel to New Caledonia for the Oceania Championships. The players ended up paying for the majority of their flights themselves. Luckily, Chateau Royal became our hotel sponsor, and Vegeta increased their contribution – so in the end we’re very happy to cover our (comparatively small) budget.Question: Tell me a bit about the team and its characteristicsEnders: It’s a really international crew. Besides 7 Australians – who are all current or former national team members – we have players from Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Sweden and Spain.I don’t even know where to start in describing the characteristics of this team… it’s a really unique situation I think. Some of our players have put themselves through significant financial strains in order to join the club. Many of them have taken jobs on minimum salaries, even cleaning toilets, just to make their dream of playing against Barcelona a reality!Other players like Pascal Winkler or Sebastien Traverso have a dual role. Besides their day job and being players, they also invest a lot of time into the management of the club and our dream of making Australian handball better and more popular. I am incredibly proud of this group of guys. The sacrifices which this team is making deserve everyone’s respect.Question: How strong do you think your team is this year?Enders: It’s probably the strongest team I’ve ever had at Sydney Uni. Of course, the integration of the new players took time, but that was to be expected. Some of the games at the Australian Championships and the Oceania Championships were really tight. But we were able to defend our titles, and we probably learned quite a lot too along the way – which is important.Question: Speaking of the Oceania Championships – you missed that tournament due to the birth of your son. Did you suffer, having to follow from afar?Enders: Yes, definitely. Saint Kilda Handball Club from Melbourne came well prepared. They have a very strong team right now, with a few class players – and we expect them to keep challenging us in the future.Question: So there are positive signs for the development of handball in Australia?Enders: Some positive signs, some negative ones. The re-introduction of the Australian Club Championships is definitely very positive for handball in the region. What we’d need in order to take the next step is a National League – which would really lift the profile of the sport with the media and the public. In order to cover the high travel cost for such a league, we’d however require a major sponsor.On the other hand, there’s of course the negative impact the exclusion of the national team from the World Cup 2015 has had. The team had gone through a very intense preparation towards the World Championships – and the disqualification has really pulled the guys the rug from underneath their feet. I sincerely hope that the IHF makes up for it through additional funding for handball in the Oceania region, so handball can keep growing. Australia is such a sports mad country, the potential for handball here is massive!Question: Lastly, what are your goals for the 2014 Super Globe?Enders: There can only be one objective – to win our first game. Of course, we’re not expecting it in our game against Barcelona… ← Previous Story Dagur Sigursson announces team for games against Switzerland Next Story → BUNDESLIGA ROCKS: HBW Balingen beat THW Kiel! read more

EHF CL Final 2017 PREDICTION Vranjes for Vardar Schwalb for PSG

The VELUX EHF Champions League Final4 Final match between RK Vardar Skopje and Paris Saint Germain will be played at 18.00 hrs at Lanxess Arena in Cologne. Both teams have no the most valuable title in the European handball, and who will bring it home, you can see in prediction of well-known handball faces…Ljubomir Vranjes for RK Vardar, Martin Schwalb, EKdahl Du Rietz and Lars Christiansen for French champions… ← Previous Story Hero Luka Cindric: A dream of every handball boy Next Story → WELCOME TO LEGENDS: RK Vardar at the TOP of Europe! read more

DKB Bundesliga Leipzig beat Hannover only Fuchse Berlin undefeated

← Previous Story Aalborg Handball first win in EHF CL Next Story → EHF CL TOP 5 goals with Abalo and Porte 12.Erlangen5212127:1345 14.Minden6123144:1684 18.N-Lubbecke6006127:1750 September 25, only Fuchse Berlin are undefeated team at DKB Bundesliga 2017/18! The leaders from Hannover, the biggest surprise of the best world’s league. lost their first battle in Leipzig 25:23 (11:11) in front of 3.644 fans. It will be very interesting season in Germany based on what happened in the first few weeks…SC DHfK Leipzig – TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 25:23 (11:11)Leipzig: Vortmann, Putera; Semper 1, Rojewski 2, Jurdzs 1, Krzikalla, Binder, Janke 1, Pieczkowski 2, Kunkel 3, Weber 8/1, Rivesjö, Strosack 2, Meschke 2, Milosevic 2, Roscheck 1TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Ziemer, Semisch; Johannsen, Mortensen 9/5, Pevnov 3, Häfner 4, Böhm 1, Karason 1, Olsen 4, Brozovic, Kalafut, Feise, Christophersen, Kastening 1, BüchnerRhein-Neckar Löwen – TuS N-Lübbecke 36:27 (19:17)RNL: Appelgren, Palicka – Tollbring, Sigurdsson (4), Groetzki (1), Radivojevic (1), Schmid (9/2), Pekeler (7), Guardiola (2), Bliznac, Petersson (5), Reinkind (2), Mensah (3), Rnic, Taleski, Baena (2)N-Lübbecke: Tatai, Birlehm – Genz, Kaleb (5), Bechtloff (4), Grabarczyk, Gierak (1), Bagaric (8), Gruszka, Rakovic (1), Torbrügge, Schade (2), Zetterman (6/3), Remer  Frisch Auf Goppingen – TBV Stuttgart 21:23 (10:13)SC Magdeburg – GWD Minden 34:25STANDINGS: 7.Leipzig6402160:1588 11.TVB Stuttgart6303156:1616 5.SC Magdeburg7403219:1998 1.Hannover-Burgdorf6501173:16110 8.MT Melsungen6312160:1607 17.Gummersbach5104121:1392 6.Fuchse Berlin4400117:1028 2.Flensburg-H.6402174:1488 9.Kiel6303172:1696 15.Huttenberg6024155:1662 13.Goppingen5122133:1294 4.HSG Wetzlar6321160:1388 16.Ludwigshafen5104121:1382 3.Rhein-Neckar5401150:1268 10.Lemgo6222158:1566 PHOTO: DHfK Leipzig read more

PICS More than 80 killed after hurricane buried village under massive mudslide

first_img(Image: Eduardo Verdugo/AP/PA)With Acapulco isolated, authorities were scrambling to clear rocks and mud from the two highways to Mexico City, hoping to open a way out on Friday.The disaster sparked panic buying at supermarkets while looters took televisions, food and fridges from flooded stores.“Unfortunately, there is desperation, but more army and navy troops have arrived,” Mayor Luis Walton told MVS radio.Thousands of exhausted tourists stood in massive lines to board military aircraft at an air force base, shouting as some cut the line.Their anger rose as a separate, shorter line formed for wealthier visitors who booked flights on private jets. (Image: Alejandrino Gonzalez/AP/PA)“I ask the government that, since we all pay taxes, we all be treated the same way because the rich and the poor are equal in this tragedy,” said Leonor Carretto, 45, whose five-year-old daughter was running a fever after waiting for hours in line.The civilian airport’s terminal was flooded in knee-high dark water, but commercial carriers Aeromexico and Interjet have flown special flights since Tuesday despite the lack of functioning radar.More than 5,000 people have been flown out and officials hope to have evacuated 15,000 by this morning.- © AFP 2013.Related: 5,000 people evacuated as Hurricane Ingrid gains strength>Read: The Irish football team visit Hurricane Sandy victims in New York> (Image: Eduardo Verdugo/AP/PA)A RESURGENT HURRICANE lashed Mexico’s northwest coast early today after twin storms killed at least 80 people nationwide and buried a village under a massive mudslide, leaving dozens more missing.Hurricane Manuel was “hugging” the coast of Sinaloa with winds of 75 miles per hour, threatening to spark flash floods and landslides, the US National Hurricane Center said.Earlier this week, Manuel pummeled the southwestern Pacific coast with tropical storm force while Ingrid barreled across the east in a dual onslaught unseen since 1958.The storms damaged bridges, caused rivers to overflow and flooded half of the Pacific resort of Acapulco, stranding tens of thousands of tourists who sought airlifts while looters ransacked stores. (Image: Eduardo Verdugo/AP/PA)Survivors who were evacuated to Acapulco told AFP that villagers were having lunch during independence day celebrations on Monday when a thundering noise came from the hill.Then the earth came crashing down on homes, the church and schools as people ran for their lives, according to survivors who were taken to a convention center serving as a storm shelter.Worse than a bombAna Clara Catalan, 17, was preparing corn tortillas when she heard a “loud noise.”“We ran out. It was an ugly noise, worse than a bomb,” she said. “The school, the kindergarten and the church were lost. Everything was taken.”News of the disaster only emerged after a survivor was able to radio someone in a neighboring village.“More than half of La Pintada was demolished, few homes were left,” said Maria del Carmen Catalan, a 27-year-old mother of three.Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong said 334 people — mostly women, children and senior citizens — were evacuated by police helicopters while 45 men would spend the night there before being rescued Thursday.The injured were taken to a navy hospital. The minister said earlier that 14 people were hurt.Osorio Chong held up a picture showing the mountain of earth and rock smack in the middle of the village.Search for bodiesHe said the search for bodies will only begin today because the area remains dangerous, with water gushing from where the earth fell, threatening to trigger another landslide.The storms have affected some 220,000 people across the country, damaging 35,000 homes, officials said. While Manuel churned in the west, a new cyclone threatened to form in the east. (Image: Alejandrino Gonzalez/AP/PA)Death toll Authorities said yesterday the death toll had risen to 80 across 12 of 32 states, but the body count could rise after the grim discovery of a huge mudslide in the mountains of southwestern Guerrero state.President Enrique Pena Nieto said 58 people were missing after a “major landslide” collapsed on La Pintada, a remote village of 400 people west of Acapulco.“We are not sure for the moment how many people are trapped under the mud,” Pena Nieto said.Ediberto Tabarez, the mayor of Atoyac de Alvarez, a municipality that oversees La Pintada, told AFP by telephone that at least 15 bodies have been found after more than 20 homes were crushed.last_img read more

J J to pay out 22 billion over false marketing and kickbacks

first_imgHEALTHCARE GIANT JOHNSON & Johnson is to pay $2.2 billion to settle allegations of false marketing of drugs and paying kickbacks to pharmacists and doctors for promoting and prescribing certain drugs that had not yet been approved as safe or effective.The US Justice Department announced the settlement at a press conference yesterday. Attorney General Eric Holder said the company – as well as three of its subsidiaries – lined its pockets at the expense of American taxpayers, patients, and the private insurance industry.“They drove up costs for everyone in the health care system and negatively impacted the long-term solvency of essential health care programs like Medicare,” he added.The global settlement resolves investigations involving antipsychotic drugs Risperdal and Invega and the heart drug Natrecor.In its plea agreement, Janssen admitted that it promoted Risperdal to healthcare providers for the treatment of psychotic symptoms and associated behaviours exhibited by elderly, non-schizophrenic patients who suffered from dementia – even though the drug was approved only to treat schizophrenia.In separately filed civil complaints, the government alleged that J&J and Janssen promoted Risperdal and Invega, a newer antipsychotic drug, to doctors – and to nursing homes – as a way to control behavioral disturbances in elderly dementia patients, children, and the mentally disabled.According to the complaints, Janssen was aware that Risperdal posed serious health risks for the elderly, including an increased risk of strokes, and for children, including the risk of elevated levels of prolactin, a hormone that can stimulate breast development and milk production.The New Jersey-based company said the agreements with federal authorities are not an admission of liability or wrongdoing. It expressly denied the government’s civil allegations.Read: Over 300 new jobs announced for DublinMore: Aer Lingus profits up, but Irish heatwave hampers short-haul performancelast_img read more

UTV Ireland promises serious news and current affairs output alongside diet of

first_imgTHE NEW TV channel that could be offered to Irish viewers at the start of 2015 won’t just be relying on ITV staples like ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Emmerdale’ and ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ — at least according to the submission handed into the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland by UTV Media.The company announced this morning that it plans to have a new station on the air within the next 18 months. The move follows the signing of an agreement giving UTV exclusive Irish broadcasting rights for ITV Studios programmes, including the above-mentioned soaps and a raft of entertainment shows like ‘I’m a Celebrity…’, yesterday.The development is likely to have set alarm bells ringing in TV3: the ITV shows are currently staples of the Ballymount broadcaster’s schedule – the station even flew Jeremy Kyle over to help launch their new season of shows earlier this year.In its submission to the BAI, the company says it’s applying to set-up “a television service, web and mobile platform” that will also offer video on demand.It says the TV service  – to be known simply as ‘UTV’ will have a “similar style” to UTV’s Northern Ireland station, but will be “a completely separate” channel.One of the anchors of the proposed new channel will be a “one hour, peak-time news, current affairs and community programme similar to UTV Live Tonight” which runs from Monday to Thursday evenings.According to the submission, the station will develop original documentary programming as it grows, launching shows similar to ‘Lesser Spotted Ulster’ and ‘Hidden Heritage’.The company has announced plans to create 100 jobs as part of the new venture — with a likely 70/30 between Dublin and the rest of the country. About 50 per cent of those jobs will be on the editorial side.Announcing details of the plans at a press conference this afternoon, UTV Managing Director Michael Wilson confirmed the company would be looking to set up additional office space in the Docklands/Point Village area.UTV currently occupies two floors of a building on Mayor Street, where its two Dublin stations Q102 and FM104 are based.The media firm runs six radio stations in the Republic of Ireland, including Cork’s 96FM/C103, the Drogheda-based LMFM and Live 95FM in Limerick, alongside the two Dublin services. Wilson said there is “no intention to change the model of the stations”, adding that radio journalists will work with the new station to generate news content.Its UK stations include TalkSport, which is the country’s number one commercial speech broadcaster.Wilson would not be drawn on earlier reports that UTV had considered a takeover of TV3 but cited the station as a new rival.“We will be going head to head with RTÉ and TV3,” he told reporters.The BAI application process is expected to take about three months. Although an exact figure was not given, the move is a multi-million-euro investment and the executives today said they had “faith in the Irish economy”.Additional reporting, Sinéad O’Carroll.Read: UTV plans to launch new Dublin-based TV stationlast_img read more

Pedestrian killed by car in Leitrim

first_imgGardai are appealing for witnesses after a woman was killed by a car in Leitrim.The collision occurred on the R201 on the outskirts of Mohill Village.A female pedestrian aged in her 60s was seriously injured when she was struck by a car shortly after 5pm yesterday. She was taken by ambulance to Sligo General Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the car was uninjured.The road was closed to traffic overnight and diversions put in place. Forensic collision investigators are due to examine the scene this morning.Anyone with information is asked to contact Carrick-on-Shannon Garda Station 071-9650510 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111.last_img read more

Young man killed in Dublin road crash

first_imgA 22-YEAR-OLD man has become the 170th person to die on Irish roads this year.The young man died when the car he was travelling in hit a tree on the R130 in the Baldwinstown/Garristown area of Dublin.The incident occurred at about 9.35pm last night. The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene and his body removed to James Connolly Memorial Hospital.A full post-mortem is due to take place today.The driver of the vehicle was uninjured.An appeal for witnesses has been made and anyone with information is asked to contact gardaí at the Balbriggan station on 01 802 0510.This time last year, 149 people had lost their lives on Irish roads. The corresponding figure for 2013 is now 170 and includes 28 pedestrians, 28 passengers, five cyclists, 24 motorcyclists and 85 drivers.Woman, 74, knocked down in Longford last nightMan killed after car collides with bridgelast_img read more

5 apps worth downloading this week

first_imgEACH WEEK, WE highlight five apps that are worth downloading for your smartphone and tablet. There are a lot of apps released on a daily basis, but not all of them are worth paying attention to.This week includes a way to make your photos look more dynamic, a novel way to ask people questions, and a sleek brain trainer.4Blend HDR For: Windows Phone Cost: Free- It’s very likely that if you use Windows Phone, you have both a Nokia and its camera app, but there’s another camera app worth looking at.- As the name suggests, 4Blend HDR is based around taking high-dynamic range photos, has a nice interface and offers the usual range of image editing features.- The app takes three photos of your subject at various exposure levels and combines them into one nice image with range.- One handy feature is that it’s voice activated, simply tell it to take a photo and it’ll do just that. It’s good to use if weather conditions makes snapping a steady photo difficult.- It’s an app that’s designed for those who take their photography seriously, although casuals users will pick it up very quickly.(Image: 4Blend HDR/Windows Phone)Yahoo Sports For: iOS, Android Cost: Free- Yahoo’s been going through a revival of sorts recently, its focus on media has seen it release some decent apps.- Its latest update to its sports app lets you turn highlights into GIF-style loops. iPhone users have access to it now, while Android users will see it soon.- Pick a game, choose any point in it and create a short clip which you can edit and share. Considering the amount of sports GIFs already out there, there will be a lot of sports fans who will get a lot of use out of this.- Only drawback for now is it’s only available for American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL), but it’s still fun to play around with.- Chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of this feature in other apps. Just wait until you can create GIFs and loops for events like the World Cup and Winter Olympics.(Image: Yahoo Sports/iOS)Jelly For: iOS, Android Cost: Free- Putting aside the hype surrounding the app (Biz Stone who co-founded Twitter is behind it), Jelly is trying to bring crowdsourced Q&A to mobile and it might stand a chance of succeeding.- The focus is on asking quick, visual questions. Snap a photo, type out your question and add drawings before publishing it.- You can connect through Facebook and Twitter, although you’ll get more out of the latter since chances are you follow a lot more people there than on Facebook.- There’s no way of grouping questions though, so you’ll be flicking through both silly and serious questions while you start off.- It’s going to take a little bit of time for it to take off, but once the hype dies down, it should become more useful.(Image: Jelly/iOS)LumosityFor: iOS Cost: Free- Everyone likes brain training games, just think back to the success Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on the DS or check each app store if you need an example.- Lumosity is one of the better examples out there. It’s a neat and sleek app which tests you on a number of areas like logic, memory, attention, accuracy.- It does this through numerous mini-games which usually take up to minute or two of your time, making it perfect for dipping in and out of.- The more times you play it, the more it learns about you and customises the experience for you.- Perfect if you have some time to spare during your lunch break or you’re on your commute home.(Image: Lumosity/iOS)Status TilesFor: Windows Phone Cost: Free- There has been a few attempts to bring shortcuts to WP’s Start Screen, with many of them disappearing soon after. So it’s always good to see new apps like Status Tiles appearing that build upon previous examples.- You can pin tiles for features like flight mode, WiFi, and screen rotation to your Start screen, and they’re all live too.- It also uses the official icons so the transition isn’t jarring. Depending on how many options you want to fit in, you can make them medium or small.- Each pin has a grey or green line underneath to show you whether it’s activated or not.- It’s practical and handy if you’re regularly switching on and off settings.(Image: Status Tiles/Windows Phone)Read: 5 apps worth downloading this week – 4th Jan >Read: Apple’s App Store sales hits $10 billion in 2013 >last_img read more

Garda Ombudsman investigating death of man in Galway

first_imgTHE GARDA OMBUDSMAN Commission has sent its investigators to look into the death of a man in Galway this evening.The man had been pulled from the River Corrib near the Galway docks at 7.2opm and brought to Galway University Hospital.He was pronounced dead at the hospital at 7.50pm.The case was referred by gardaí to the Garda Ombudsman Commission under section 102 of the 2005 Garda Síochána Act.Under this section, the Ombudsman Commision can be referred to “any matter that appears to the Garda Commissioner to indicate that the conduct of a member of the Garda Síochána may have resulted in the death of, or serious harm to, a person”.It is believed the man had been stopped at a garda checkpoint earlier this evening.last_img read more

Kenny in the USA 260 new jobs for Cork and Dublin

first_imgAN TAOISEACH ENDA Kenny will announce 260 new jobs for Cork and Dublin during his US engagements later today.The job creation announcements are to be made at 4.30pm (Irish time) in Califorinia as part of a three-day investment mission on the west coast.Yahoo! said it will add 200 positions to its workforce at the firm’s Dublin Operations Centre. Recruitment will take place over the next 12 months for roles in customer support, technology, operations, HR and finance.McAfee is to establish a global R&D centre of excellence in Cork, creating up to 60 high-quality jobs.Following today’s events in Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, An Taoiseach and IDA Ireland chief executive Barry O’Leary will hold private meetings with executives from both companies.last_img read more

North Wall could be a pilot project for better education

first_imgFOLLOWING THE PUBLICATION of a report into the provision of education services in North Wall in Dublin’s City Centre, a local principal has called upon authorities to use the area as a pilot project for better education.Mark Candon of St Laurence O’Toole’s CBS told, “We always do policy at a national level but when you look at an area that has this amount of challenge and progresses against the odds, it should be used as a case study. Start there, see what we can achieve by working with those age zero to 16.”“It is important, try it somewhere like here and see what we can achieve,” he repeats.A new report, commissioned by the North Wall Education and Welfare Group and launched today, aims to document one of Ireland’s most marginalised communities “without a narrow preoccupation upon the disadvantages and external stigmas that exist towards this community”.Of the publication, the almalgamated group said, “In giving voice to the residents in this manner what the author Deirdre McCarthy encapsulates perfectly is a community all too aware of their own reality.”The report, entitled The Boundary Wall, found a need to develop a community education strategy for the community of North Wall. “This must include all of the key players and educators from preschool to third level and adult and community education providers,” McCarthy told compiling her research through focus groups, McCarthy said she sensed an anger and frustration amongst young people whose life opportunities have been damaged because of their experiences to date, including education disadvantage.“Some feel abandoned,” she said. “One of the issues for the community can be seen in the deprivation index score. The area is in the lowest levels but right beside it sits the IFSC, which is among the most affluent. The area is completely in the shadow – but experiencing everything it can’t have at close hand.”Many young people also noted the media’s perception of the area and its focus on stories of violence and crime was ignoring the more positive outcomes in the community.There is also the issue of funding cuts among youth organisations which are vital to areas already suffering from education disadvantage. According to McCarthy, the non-formal sector is as important as formal schooling in Northe Wall.“As it is a small community, it could become a pilot,” she said, echoing Candon’s words. “An educational task force could respond and look at all the key factors to see how it can be dealt with. But it needs State support and a partnership approach – something that has been rolled back on and difficult to maintain in recent times.”Candon agrees.“Great strides have been made but if Government want significant change – in terms of educational attainment and people going on to third-level- then it needs to be led from the top. The very top.“Times are tough. You can feel it. You’re worried. Where will be in ten years if we undermine what has already been put in place and the structures are not maintained?“We have to secure what we have so there is no slippage backwards.”College lifeOf the 1,847 people living in the area, about six per cent have completed third-level education. However, this percentage is higher when looking solely at the younger population.There is still a “shocking” lack of aspirations to attend third-level institutions for further education among younger people, according to McCarthy.The report found: “Transfer to third level education featured very little in the respondents’ concerns as the majority of young people were not getting the outcomes that would enable them to attend third level.”There are few discussions at home about what subjects to take in school or what points would be required for certain courses, continued McCarthy. “It is just not part of the language.”Those who do attend college and university today are seen as role models and trailblazers, but their choices can also throw up problems.“Sometimes it can be different to maintain the rationale about why they are there. Their peers may be getting jobseekers allowances or trainee pay. It can be harder for them both within the community and outside of it.”Gary Gannon, a 26-year-old local who chairs the education and welfare group, describes himself as “one of the young people who got to go to college.”He studied History and Politics at Trinity College Dublin, graduated last May and is now involved in employment advocacy.Speaking with he said, the groups look foward to working together, reflecting on the report and getting to work on its recommendations.The North Wall Education and Welfare Group was established in 2009 to develop stronger links, trust and sharing among all those working with children and young people and the wider community, in both a statutory and non-statutory capacity in the North Wall area.last_img read more

Oxegen 2013 Lineup revealed in full

first_imgFRENCH DJ DAVID Guetta is headlining this year’s Oxegen festival along with Calvin Harris, Example and Snoop Dogg.The full line-up of the event was announced this evening by promoters MCD.Chase & Status will take a further headline slot with Alesso, Labrinth, Rita Ora, Pitbull, DJ Fresh and Soulwax also playing to festivalgoers on the August Bank Holiday weekend.They’ll be joined by:Rizzle Kicks, Nicky Romero, Sasha, Wretch 32, Devlin, Otto Knows, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Iggy Azalea, The Original Rudeboys, Duke Dumont, Erol Alkan, Crookers, Jack Beats, Fake Blood, Congorock, Jacob Plant, Gin ‘N’ Juice, The Dead Prezidents, Al Gibbs, George Fitzgerald, Dave DeValera, John Gibbons, Borgore, Monsta, Ayah Marrar and Danny Byrd.The 50,000-capacity festival at Punchestown in Co Kildare will also play host to Ireland’s largest silent disco, promoters said.The line-up of rival festival Electric Picnic is due to be announced on Thursday.CONFIRMED: Oxegen is back for 2013>19 reasons why Electric Picnic must happen this year>Which of the 17 types of Irish festival-goer are you?>last_img read more

We Wear More GPA aim to uncover the mental health issues beneath

first_imgIT WAS GAA president Liam O’Neil’s first visit to the GPA offices as he showed his support of the new ‘We Wear More Than our County Colours’ campaign.The GPA aims to highlight the fact that behind the often high profile public personas of our county players the individual wears more than just the jersey, and is vulnerable to emotional distress.The association produced a short film to help highlight the many issues that can often trigger emotional reactions for players and to encourage players to look out for each other, to recognise signs of distress and to encourage intervention through conversation and support. Source: GPA File Share/YouTubeIssues such as retirement, relationship break-ups, depression, stress, financial difficulties, addiction problems, performance and anxiety all feature in ‘We Wear More’. Niall McNamee has spoken out about his gambling problems. Source: GPASpeaking about the campaign launch, GPA Chief Executive Dessie Farrell said: “We felt that it was important at this juncture to focus on a campaign tailored specifically for county players, identifying the various issues that can trigger strong emotional reactions for these young men.” The launch team earlier today at GPA HQ.“We are acutely conscious of the vulnerability of this particular demographic in terms of suicide and believe that a focussed, internal approach would help encourage players to talk more openly to each other and to identify team-mates who may be in difficulty,” said the GPA boss. Wexford’s Lee Chin. Source: GPAMore information is available on the GPA’s, which includes the campaign’s new short film. Colm Begley of Laois. Source: GPAThe campaign features the following county players: Michael Murphy (Donegal), Padraig Brehony (Galway), Seamus Hennessy (Tipperary), Alan O’Mara (Cavan), Padraig Collins (Clare), Conal Keaney (Dublin), Richie Hogan (Kilkenny), Colm Begley (Laois), Eoin Cadogan (Cork), Rob Hennelly (Mayo), Jonny Cooper (Dublin), Ciaran McKeever (Armagh), Lee Chin (Wexford), Niall McNamee (Offaly). Westmeath footballer Ilunga on dealing with racism in GAA and fearing for his life in CongoMayo boss James Horan ‘excited’ about progress from rugby convert Gavin Duffylast_img read more

The 9 at 9 Tuesday

first_imgEACH DAY, brings you nine things you should know with your morning cup of coffee.1. #TURKEY: There has been no let-up of the unrest seen in Turkey over the past four days. One of the country’s main trade union confederations has joined anti-government protests today, calling on its 240,000 members to join a two-day strike.Two people have died since the demonstrations began last week.2. #EXAMS: As Leaving Cert and Junior Cert students are advised to eat and sleep well over the next three weeks, RTÉ has learned that there has been a significant increase in the number of exam fees waived due to financial hardship.3. #PISTORIUS: Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius appeared at a South African court this morning for a brief pre-trial hearing over the shooting of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The case was adjourned until 19 August to allow “time for further investigations” by defence and prosecution teams.4. #PRISON: Murder suspect John Dundon received treatment in hospital yesterday after he collapsed in prison as a result of a week-long hunger strike. The 29-year-old is due to begin his trial over the killing of Shane Geoghegan today, according to the Irish Daily Star.5. #DIRTY: Donegal County Council says it needs €7.8 million in national funding to fix the dirty water problem in the Lifford area. Residents have been subjected to rusty water for more than six years due to “the nature of the [local] pipeline”.6. #FLOODS: Rivers continued to rise to dangerous levels in the Czech Republic overnight with authorities forced to open several dams and declare a state of emergency, says BBC News. The death toll from the severe floods has risen to seven in recent days. Two deaths were also reported in neighbouring Austria.7. #NORTHERN IRELAND: The Northern Ireland Assembly has passed a new law that prevents anybody with a serious conviction from becoming a special political advisor at Stormont. The move comes after Sinn Féin appointed former IRA prisoner Mary McArdle.8. #PLONK: The Department of Foreign Affairs is planning a clear-out sale of its wine cellar, the Irish Independent reports. Almost one third of the 2,343 bottle collection is “tradeable” and will be put on the market.9. #LEAVING CERT WEATHER: Today could be the hottest day of the year, according to weather reports. Met Éireann predicts “unbroken sunshine” for parts of the country with temperatures reaching as high as 24 C. That is hotter than Corfu, notes the Irish Daily Mirror. Over on Still reeling from THAT Linda Martin performance? Us too! Plus: Kim and Kanye are having a girl, and The Edge at Forbidden Fruit. It’s The Dredgelast_img read more

Android Fake ID vulnerability could put millions of users at risk

first_imgAN ANDROID FLAW which allows malware to insert malicious code into other apps and gain control of a device’s settings has been discovered.The flaw, which was discovered by security company Bluebox Labs, is called ‘Fake ID’ could puts millions of users who are using older versions of Android at risk.In a blog post detailing the flaw, it shows that every Android application has its own unique identity. The vulnerability is found in what’s called a ‘certificate chain,’ which allows devices to verify the identities of apps first for use before they’re opened or grant permission to access certain data.The flaw undermines this process since it makes “no attempt to verify the authenticity of a certificate chain; in other words, an identity can claim to be issued by another identity, and the Android cryptographic code will not verify the claim.”By opening an app that exploits this, it could create a knock-on effect which would see other apps and services being affected.A patch for the flaw, which was labelled ‘Google bug 13678484′, was issued by Google as part of its latest update to KitKat (4.4) in April. However, that version only accounts for 17.9% of all Android versions, the rest (82.1%) are running older versions of Android on their devices. The percentage of users who use each version of Android. The Fake ID flaw affects those using Android version 2.1 to 4.4. Source: Android DevelopersIf you’re worried about whether you have the latest version of Android installed, simply go into settings, scroll down to ‘about device’ and select ‘check update’.If you’re using an older version, you will be notified and prompted to install the update although some devices don’t have the latest update yet due to their manufacturer not releasing one yet so double check just in case.Bluebox Labs also released an Android app of their own which checks whether your device has been patched.Read: Apple’s iPhone 6 faces a big pricing problem around the world >Read: Samsung postpones Tizen smartphone launch so it can improve its new OS >last_img read more

Curious coder recreates girls portrait using only black dice

first_imgBy day, Scott MacDonald works at Zymeworks which is helping to fight disease through the creation of molecular simulation technology. By night, he’s a hacker with an active imagination and curiosity to see what problems can be solved with code.One of his recent projects may come in handy if you are looking for a truly unique Christmas gift for a friend or relative. He managed to hack together a program that takes in image data and outputs a version that can be recreated using only dice.To prove his dice system worked, he took a picture of someone called Caroline (we assume he knows her) and reproduced her portrait using only black dice with white pips on them. The end result is great as you can see from the images, and would surely be met with a smile if presented framed as a gift to Caroline.The actual method of converting an image to a configuration of dice is pretty simple. First Scott downscaled the color photo to a 6-step gray palette so as to map to the six sides of the dice. The side with one white pip represents black, where as 6 pips is white. Everything in between is counted as a shade of gray.The output of the program is an on-screen representation of the image in dice. If you’re happy with the end result you can then take the next step of buying lots of dice and recreating the image by hand. Scott managed to find a place that sells dice in bulk, and he needed to as the representation of Caroline required 2,560 dice.The good news is, Scott has shared the code that does the image conversions on his website (link below). However, if you intend to try this yourself for your own image, be warned that the final result is going to weigh a lot and you’ll need a very sturdy frame to hold it (and a few friends to help carry it). The Caroline dice image is said to weigh close to 100 pounds. I also imagine it’s going to take many hours of work to put together.One thing Scott didn’t account for is the effect of allowing the dice to be rotated, something that could allow for a higher resolution output. That has been brought up in the comments on his original post though, and he may improve upon the program when he gets chance.Get the code and view more images at the elusive snark. Scott’s project also encouraged someone else to try the same image conversion using Photoshop.last_img read more