first_imgIDC announced marketshare figures for major database companies based on data for 2007. Vendors’ slices of the market haven’t budged a whole lot from 2006. IDC reports that the overall Database market grew to $18.6 billion in 2007, 12.1% higher than the $16.6 billion of 2006. The top five vendors are as follows:Oracle with 44.1% market share. $8.2 billion in revenues. 13% growth over 2006 revenues.IBM’s DB2 and Informix have 21.3% market share. $3.9 billion in revenues. 13.3% growth over 2006 revenues.Microsoft with 18.3% market share. $3.4 billion in revenues. 11.2% growth over 2006 revenues.TerradataSybaseOracle seems to have made a little progress in Microsoft’s home turf for databases running in a Windows OS environment. Some of the gain can be attributed to Oracle’s Express database and lower prices. Other new features of Oracle 11g have made the database popular. New features include the Data Vault feature, the ability to assign security to certain elements of a database schema. The restriction applies even to database admins, disallowing access to company sensitive data, like compensation and corporate strategy.SQL Server’s numbers fell a bit, but that was most likely attributable to Microsoft’s announced, but not year available, SQL Server 2008.IBM saw gains in databases running in Linux and UNIX environments. Terradata is expanding with companies needing data warehousing and business intelligence features. Sybase seeks to discriminate itself with a column-based DB offering which claims better performance for certain type of data operations.Overall though, the picture of vendors, especially the top three commercial vendors, has changed very little from the picture we saw in 2006. What the report didn’t investigate and which may be on many minds is what about the Open Source options out there, like MySQL and PostgreSQL and how do they stack up to their commercial counterparts. IDC may need to expand the scope of future reports to include Open Source options.last_img

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