first_img…offersTwo weeks ago, the APNU and the AFC announced that after a year of playing ducks and drakes on the status of the pre-nup they’d signed back on Valentine’s Day 2015, they were going to renegotiate it. The first thought your Eyewitness had was – if they did do so – would that be a new Cummingsburg Accord?? It’s like first replacing the handle of a knife and then after a while replacing the blade: is it the same knife??We were told then that the entire “renegotiation” would take four weeks…so it means there ain’t much time left. But then again, this is the APNU and AFC we’re dealing with; and a “ticking clock” is of no consequence to them!! Leading off for the APNU would be its GS Joseph Harmon, while sitting across from him will be AFC GS David Patterson, Executive members Dominic Gaskin and Dr Vincent Adams. Seems like the AFC intends to tag team the big APNU fella!!Question is, what exactly will be the terms of the new “Accord”? Will it even be an “accord” – meaning a “consensus”? Now since the old “accord” had nothing to do with the plans of the two groups for the development of – God forbid! – anything principled, like finding common ground on an ideology or a model of governance etc. So we can expect that once again, they’ll be haggling over divvying up the spoils of the victory they’ve been working like little beavers behind the scenes to fix.Now the AFC’s made no secret of the fact that they expect the PM slot MUST be given to their leader – who just happens to be Ramjattan. But we all know by now that the incumbent Nagamootoo, after discovering “how sweet it is!” has in oh so many ways made his availability known. And the fella negotiating for APNU has already pronounced that Nagamootoo is “royalty” and “the best PM ever!!”So it was no surprise that Ramjattan showed up at the Ministry of the Presidency himself and handed over the AFC’s proposals to the caretaker President!! He may be from Berbice, but he ain’t mad!! He’d seen how diligent Nagamootoo was brownnosing the Head Guy, and had rushed to also get his nose up where the sun don’t shine also!! He was even willing to burn all bridges with his landsmen over in the Ancient County; boasting that his party had played a critical role in shuttering those sugar plantations!!So what does your Eyewitness think gonna happen?? Nagamootoo and Ramjattan will be dropped some crumbs, and the PM’s post will go to an Indigenous woman.Hitting two demographics with one choice!! …glancesBut it’s really sad how low the AFC has allowed itself fall from the days when they were probably humming that Ole Blue Eyes’ staple: “Strangers in the night exchanging glances…wondering in the night. What were the chances we’d be sharing love”!!Love is always in the air around Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?? That’s probably why even though Ramjattan had feared they’d become “dead meat” if the tied the knot with the PNC, they took the plunge.Ramjattan got to be “VP”; Nagamootoo, PM; Trotman, “Oil Czar” and so on with 40% of the Cabinet – for just the promise of a 10% of the vote as dowry. But what a difference a few years make, doesn’t it?? Ramjattan found out he was given an office to just stare at the walls all day; Nagamootoo couldn’t chair the Cabinet meetings and wax eloquent and Trotman was given a good hiding behind the woodshed and banished to the Forest!!Looks like the “chances of sharing love” are slim to none, this time around!!…titlesPresident Granger’s finally accepted he’s heading a “caretaker” government. Which means just making sure the property of the people of Guyana is kept in the state as he found it.So why do some folks get their buckta into a knot when he’s dubbed a “caretaker President”??last_img

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