first_imgSatiricus was back in his element at the old hangout with Hari and Bungi. They’d been commiserating with Bungi over his uncertainty as to whether there’d be a job waiting for him in the canefields when the new crop began. And having drowned their sorrows, were now ready to solve the world’s problems.“A wha’ me hear ‘bout dis Poopah fella?” queried Bungi. “Me na gat computa fuh see wha’ me a hear about!”“Bungi, why you want to talk about that?” asked Satiricus.“Well, fuss me wan’ fuh know how de maan t’un Poopah?” said Bungi with a puzzled look. “Da na wan big maan in de Chu’ch?”“Very, big, Bungi,” intoned Hari. “Big officials in many countries come together and anoint him with honey and myrrh.”“Wha’ myrrh?” asked Bungi as he signalled for another round. He could afford to be generous since Hari was buying!“That’s not important,” said Satiricus, who really had no idea. “The point is, this is a conspiracy to pull down Guyana because we have our own Grand Poopah.”“Conspiracy?!” Hari almost shrieked. “I saw with my own two eyes the Poopah doing the dirty with two women!”“Really?” interjected Bungi with interest. “An’ yuh can see everyt’ing?”“Don’t be vulgar, fellas,” said Satiricus sanctimoniously. “De Poopah was just healing the women, by touching them.”“But wha’ da gat fuh do wid de Church?” Bungi wanted to know. “Dem na gat rule and regulation?”“Well, that’s the problem,” said Satiricus. “We got our religion from the British, who were very upright. The Poopah is bringing back that good old-time religion.”“Sato, you really believe that nonsense?” demanded Hari. “The man just having a good time with those young women he fooled.”“Hari!!” said Satiricus sternly. “Didn’t you hear those women shouting, “Oh God!! Oh God! ” all the time the Grand Poopah was healing them?”“Really?!” asked Bungi, as he raised his beer “Me na see de tape…but da sound like Church wuk.”last_img

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