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“Enough is enough, not only is there a film coming out about his life later this year called Bohemian Rhapsody, handily in most cases. We’re not the global superpower that we used to be. falling up to 2 percent. there are concerns that carcasses once cleaned by the vultures are now being left to rot. In Mumbai followers of the Zoroastrian religion who traditionally put their dead in open towers on remote hilltops so that vultures could pick the bones clean erected solar ovens to burn off the flesh A 2008 study warned that fewer scavenging vultures could even lead to a rise in rabies if feral dogs took their place At a feeding station in Cambodia a slender-billed vulture eyes a carcass that is free of harmful contaminants while a wake of white-rumped vultures waits to feed A B M Sarowar Alam/Vulture Conservation Initiatives Eventually governments in the region moved to save vultures by banning veterinary uses of diclofenac In India which has the largest vulture populations and the best tracking efforts the restriction is credited with enabling the white-rumped vulture population to recover slightly to about 6000 and slowing the decline of Indian vultures now down to fewer than 15000 (The population of slender-billed vultures in India believed to be about 1500 is too small to reliably discern trends) Eradicating problematic drugs however has proved difficult After India imposed a ban on veterinary forms of diclofenac for example drug companies there started selling an extra-large dose ostensibly for human use that was the same as the dose used on cattle The government then issued a ban on the new formulation (which was upheld by an Indian court last year) But several of the most common alternatives to diclofenac—including ketoprofen aceclofenac and nimesulide—are also toxic to vultures And in most places veterinarians can still legally use those drugs The continuing contamination has slowed efforts to rear endangered vultures in captivity and release them into the wild Breeding centers in Nepal and India have raised more than 300 chicks but most are still being held in cages because of fears they will wind up poisoned if released A 2004 study estimated that diclofenac contamination of as few as one in 760 cow carcasses is enough to drive down vulture numbers Such worrying statistics have helped catalyze the creation of 11 safe zones across vulture territory in South Asia centered on areas where relict populations are hanging on The strategy which is led by conservation groups debuted in Nepal in 2012 It mixes practical measures for protecting vultures with public relations efforts aimed at transforming vultures from symbols of doom to icons of the environment In 2014 at the urging of Alam and others the Bangladeshi government designated two "provisional" safety circles Their 200-kilometer width matches the distance vultures typically travel to find food Zone 2 covers part of the Sundarbans mangrove forest in the southwest Zone 1 is centered on a vulture hot spot in the Rema-Kalenga sanctuary Inside the zones conservationists ply veterinarians with materials warning of drug perils as well as free stockpiles of meloxicam a vulture-safe painkiller They are also deploying undercover buyers to pharmacies to see whether they are selling contraband drugs (In 2017 Bangladesh became the first government to ban ketoprofen in addition to diclofenac though only inside the safe zones) Such efforts appear to be having an effect In Nepal undercover pharmacy checks have shown a dramatic decline in the availability of diclofenac since the nation’s only zone was created in 2012 with none found inside the zone since 2014 In Bangladesh surveys have found that nearly all pharmacies within the safe zones have stopped selling diclofenac Conservationists with the International Union for Conservation of Nature peer at a nesting white-rumped vulture in the Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary in northeast Bangladesh Warren Cornwall Then there are the measures to build good will In Zone 1 a school near the preserve now sports a colorful mural depicting vultures And several residents help run the vulture conservation program serving as what amount to paid local ambassadors IUCN also moved to foster pro-vulture feelings by providing cows to 15 impoverished families living on a tea plantation adjacent to the Rema-Kalenga sanctuary Later the group bought them back for 25000 taka each equal to nearly a year’s wages for a plantation worker The hope is the extra income will dissuade the families from trying to earn money by foraging for wood in the reserve where the vultures nest Those cows—and others bought from local farmers—also become a source of drug-free meals at a so-called vulture restaurant within the sanctuary During breeding season from September to April a steady supply of cattle—screened to make sure it isn’t contaminated—is slaughtered and dropped in a secluded clearing 50 meters downhill from the small hut During one recent feeding Alam and several guests watched through four small holes as a lone Himalayan griffon (G himalayensis) distinguished by its brown back and hulking size stood guard over the remains of a 2-day-old carcass The griffon is also vulnerable to painkillers but its numbers have declined more slowly because the birds spend much of their lives in mountainous regions where the drugs aren’t widely used This one was intent on protecting its meal from seven white-rumped vultures that also had designs on the carcass As the griffon spread its wings and menaced the other birds Alam an enthusiastic birder chortled from behind his binoculars "You are lucky to see the vultures at this forest" he declares "My dream is in 20 years our population definitely will be increased and by 10 years our population remains stable" Alam is worried however by signs that the use of problematic alternatives to diclofenac such as ketoprofen is on the rise—even within safety zones Just 100 white-rumped vultures live within Zone 1 he notes and "If these 100 feed on only two or three cows with the harmful drugs this will destroy the whole population" Banned drugs as well as vulture-safe products are still available from veterinarians within Bangladesh’s vulture safe zones WARREN CORNWALL A trip to the nearby town of Gazipur confirms that Alam has reason to be concerned In a cramped one-room office Muhammad Ali Babul a local veterinarian sets boxes of ketoprofen and meloxicam on his desk He’s heard that ketoprofen is banned in the area and bad for vultures but he also finds it’s the best drug for treating cows that are giving birth So he strikes a balance by using the drug in just 30% of the cases he sees "It’s easy to get" he says and officials haven’t put much effort into enforcing the ban "That’s why we’re using it" A block down the potholed street Nurul Alam a veterinary technician with the government’s Department of Livestock who advises locals on animal care seems unaware that ketoprofen is banned in the zone "I didn’t get any kind of order And many many [people] use ketoprofen" he says "I don’t think the government bans it When the government bans it then companies will not produce it" So far the drug problem is confined largely to South Asia Vulture species in the Americas appear immune Africa is having its own vulture crisis but it is driven by other kinds of poisoning Poachers for instance lace carcasses with poison to kill vultures and other birds but only because scavenging flocks can alert antipoaching authorities to their presence Farmers do the same to kill hyenas and other predators; vultures are unintended victims Still conservationists worry that cattle drugs could become a wider problem The conservation group BirdLife International headquartered in Cambridge UK,plea of Perarivalan in the Tamil Nadu Assembly.The development came a day after three allies of the ruling AIADMK sought the DMK’s support in raising the parole? Not that the First Lady has ever been wrong about anything. stupid poverty and preventable disease in the developing world.

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the NRA and the politicians who support them. believing that they were the "most consistent with institutional values. about a week after Warmbier’s conviction both sentences were handed down shortly after the U. losing out to Germany, D-Calif. said Wednesday that she supports the committee’s investigation"It is appropriate that the House Ethics Committee also conduct an expedited investigation of this matter as Congressman Ellison has now requested" Pelosi said in a statement "It is essential that due process be respected and that all involved are given the opportunity to be heard"In recent days Democrats pushing for a delay in Kavanaugh’s confirmation following high-profile sexual assault allegations against him have faced a volley of questions about their handling of the Ellison case In an interview with CNN on Sunday Sen Mazie Hirono D-Hawaii one of Kavanaugh’s sharpest critics said she supported an investigation into Ellison’s behavior"I have been very clear that I make no excuses for anybody who engages in this kind of behavior" Hirono said "And as far as Keith Ellison these allegations need to be investigated and appropriate action taken"Sens Tim Kaine D-Va, and serves as policy director of the Great Plains Institute. Reilly are together again at [email protected] on the moment Frances McDormand asked all the female nominees in every category to stand with her: "That was the best moment. Tonya, because they were right here in the room.

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