first_imgStay on target Since GDC stands for the Game Developers Conference we’ve spent most of our time here checking out video games specifically, not tech in general. However, we made exception for one pitch that seemed so crazy we had to check it out in person for ourselves. Startup Noveto Systems promises audio technology that lets you and only you hear what you want to be hearing. And our demo made us believers in this “headphones without headphones” technology.The novelty of the product really does need to be experienced to be believed but I’ll try to describe it. I’m in the loud show floor of the Moscone Center. In front of me is a monitor playing Star Wars Battlefront II. From where I’m standing I don’t hear it. But once I step into the right spot all of a sudden the sounds of the game, from the lasers to the lightsaber clashes, are all around me. I’m not wearing any special device and there is only one speaker in front of me, but it was like I magically stepped into a world of personal private surround sound. And when I stepped out of it everything immediately went silent.So how does it actually work? First off my face and ears were being tracked the whole time with a standard camera. That data is then used by Noveto System’s custom software and speaker hardware to deliver the positional audio and binaural separation whenever I was in view. I could hear a shaking box of candy swirl around my head.But beyond show floor tricks like that there are real practical applications for such cool functionality that only requires a few pieces. You really could just set this up and listen to whatever you want all around you safe in the knowledge that anyone outside your comfort zone won’t have a clue.As a startup, Noveto Systems is still trying to develop the technology. Throughout this year the plan is to send the SDK kits out to other developers. But at least during this GDC demo the product speaks for itself. I already want to crawl back inside my sound bubble.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Amazon’s New Facial Recognition Smells Your FearSnapchat’s New Snap Spectacles Will Have Two Cameras, Cost $350 last_img

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