Nvidia GTX 680 launch video leaks

first_imgThe top of the line Nvidia graphics card you can purchase at the moment will carry the GTX 580 GPU. But a new set of cards are on the horizon carrying a brand new GPU, and one of Nvidia’s launch videos for them just leaked giving us a preview of the features on offer.The new line of top end cards will use the brand new GTX 680 GPU. With its introduction Nvidia is focusing on improving frame rates, physics, and image quality while increasing overall power efficiency.In the introductory video, Ujesh Desai, Nvidia’s vice president of corporate marketing, claims that the GTX 680 is the world’s most powerful GPU while remaining very power efficient. That, of course, depends on how you define power efficiency.One of the key new features of the GTX 680 is called GPU Boost. What this does is to utilize any excess power generated by the graphics card to speed up processing tasks. The end result is a boost in frames rates while playing games. This is one example of Nvidia’s new focus on power efficiency: it doesn’t cut power use, it uses the available power better.Nvidia is also claiming better image quality through the introduction of TXAA. It’s a new form of anti-aliasing which makes for smoother graphics without any additional overhead in terms of processing by the GPU. That should means games currently running on a GTX 580 run just as well on the 680, but look even better while using less power.There’s also been enhancements to the PhysX engine for this new GPU. In particular, destruction in games is set to get a boost from the use of dynamic fractures. What that means is geometry in-game won’t explode/crumble/fall apart in the exact same way every time. Now it will happen dynamically if artists working on a game create 3D assets to take advantage of the feature.Nvidia is also promising improved fur rendering. Until now fur was achieved by taking a small set of active hairs, around 10, and reusing them across the whole surface you wanted to look furry. This worked well enough, but didn’t look totally realistic in every situation. With the GTX 680, Nvidia is promising 100,000 real-time hairs, meaning anything covered in fur should have it move and react just like the real thing.If you run a multi-monitor setup the GTX 680 is also promising to enhance performance for you. With a single 680 card you can run up to 4 displays. Does that mean two cards in SLI allow up to 8? We’ll have to wait and see when Nvidia officially launch the new GPU.Update: There’s further coverage of the GTX 680 over at ExtremeTech as well as a few review at PCMagvia Kotakulast_img read more

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