Laser cut Raspberry Pi case includes light pipes for LEDs

first_imgAs more stock of the Raspberry Pi floods on to the market, so do the number of cases being made available to house the tiny PC. We’ve already seen great examples from ModMyPi, which holds the title of being first to market, Adafruit, with the first transparent case, and most recently the Punnet, which is a case you can print yourself on a sheet of card for the cost of some ink.Now Built-to-Spec has come up with its own case, and this one has a very nice unique feature: light pipes. What do light pipes do? They are polycarbonate L-shapes that funnel the light produced by the LEDs embedded on the Raspberry Pi board so you can see them on the side of the case. It’s not an essential feature, but makes this case unique and is a very nice touch.The case itself is manufactured from laser cut acrylic with the T-slots obscured for a better finish. It also includes a slot where a ribbon cable can be threaded through for when you start using expansion boards. So it’s a future proof case unlike some of the others I have seen.At $12.50 in black it’s not exactly expensive, but Built-to-Spec has shared the design files if you have the means to make one yourself instead and save some money. You can grab them off Thingverse. There’s also a translucent purple version of the case being offered, but there’s limited quantities and it costs slightly more at $16.50. I prefer the black.Read more at the Built-to-Spec blog, via Hack-a-Daylast_img read more

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