Is Harry Redknapp going to get himself a new daughter-in-law?

first_imgEmily asking Harry if Jamie was single would literally be me😂 #imAceleb— Shan (@shanemiIy) December 5, 2018 Wanting Emily’s confidence right now👌 questioning Harry about Jamie Redknapp being single 💁‍♀️ millions of people watching, Saw an opportunity and went for it. Completely fair play 😂👏 #imaceleb @EmAtack— corina roissetter (@Corina56789) December 4, 2018 Rare footage of Harry Redknapp third wheeling for Jamie and Emily when he leaves the jungle #ImACeleb— Jasmin (@ItsJasminHere) December 4, 2018 Emily is going to have to fight me for him…. Jamie Redknapp 😍 childhood crush! Imagine having Harry as a father in law too! 🤗 #ImACeleb— Lauren Whiteman (@LaurenWhiteman) December 4, 2018Harry and his potential new daughter-in-law Emily, alongside Nick Knowles, had to put in the performance of a lifetime in the Bushtucker Trial.The challenge saw Harry and Nick lie in separate cages while Emily dropped a number of nasty critters onto them.Hosts Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly asked how Harry and Nick were feeling just before it started and, well, only Harry knows what he was trying to say! 2 2 Has Harry found his son Jamie a new partner? That was a close one, @hollywills! 😂🙈 #ImACeleb— I’m A Celebrity… (@imacelebrity) December 4, 2018But the trial did get more difficult for Harry after Emily was forced to place two rats on him.At first, Harry was gutted to hear this as he said rats were his biggest fear going into the show.Remember though, Harry worked in football for over 50 years – so he’s probably come across his fair share of rats in his time!He dealt with these ones perfectly and even asked Holly and Dec if either of them were named Roland – after the 1980s British puppet character, Roland Rat.That was the worst of it, and although Harry had to deal with crocodiles and a huntsman spider later on, that part of the challenge was a doddle as the trio managed to secure eight out of a possible eight meals for camp.center_img Umm, we may have broken Harry Redknapp. Sorry Sandra. #ImACeleb— I’m A Celebrity… (@imacelebrity) December 4, 2018The former West Ham, Tottenham, Southampton and Bournemouth boss had a toad dropped on his face to start with and Harry made a classic Harry joke, saying: “Toad in the hole, that’s my favourite dinner!”The toad with Harry didn’t give him a lot of trouble and was quite happy to do its own thing, unlike Nick’s. Who needs dating apps when you can go straight to your future father in law 🤣#ImACeleb @EmAtack @Redknapp— ITV (@ITV) December 4, 2018Harry said his second son was single after it was confirmed earlier this year that Jamie and his wife of 20 years, former popstar Louise Redknapp, had finalised their divorce.Jamie has been blessed with dashing good looks and comes across a nice chap when working as a pundit for Sky Sports, if I do say so myself.And Harry’s son being back on the market certainly got these fans of the show very excited indeed! Harry showed once again he’s made of sterner stuff Emily asking Harry Redknapp is Jamie single 😂😂😂 my actual spirit animal 😂 #ImACeleb— Courtney Carey (@CourtneyCarey22) December 5, 2018 Is Harry Redknapp about to get a new daughter-in-law?Well, the celebrity wedding of recent years could well be on after actor Emily Atack asked if Harry’s son, ex-Liverpool, Tottenham and Southampton and Bournemouth footballer Jamie Redknapp was single in last night’s episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Last night’s episode of I’m a Celeb also saw Harry finally receive his letter from home and it was from his wife Sandra, of course.Get the I’m A Celeb gossip every day with Jamie East’s brand new behind-the-scenes podcastThere were emotional scenes all over the place when the other celebs received their letters from home, but Sandra’s letter showed that it’s not just Harry who likes cracking jokes in the Redknapp household after she said a jam roly-poly was waiting for him once he left the jungle!Whether that will be tonight or even on the final day on Sunday remains to be seen, but he’s got to be a shoe-in for that final!last_img read more

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