Its Surprisingly Easy to Install Raspberry Pi in a Karaoke Machine

first_img Lyra Is a Handheld Gaming System Powered by a Raspberry PiRaspberry Pi Used to Steal 500 MB of NASA Data Stay on target Everything old is new again—even that 2005 portable karaoke machine gathering dust in the back room of the Goodwill.Self-described “artist” and programmer Brett Neese proved just that by stuffing a Raspberry Pi computer into a $13 thrift-store CRT display and connecting it to the Internet.(Added bonus: a DVD of Paul Blart: Mall Cop in the CD tray.)“There was one small problem, though,” Neese wrote in a blog post. “It’s a karaoke machine, and it definitely does not have any ‘video-in’ ports on the outside.”Internet of Karaoke Machines: Or How I Got A Retro-Futuristic Thrift Store Find to Run Docker (via Brett Neese)“Handful of small computery things” in tow, he took the appliance to LA-based hacklab CRASH space, “hoping I might be able to liberate the display somehow.”Once inside, Neese began tinkering with pins and headers, soldering on a Raspberry Pi Zero to connect the board’s “video out” component with the machine’s “video in.”“I plugged the whole thing in, and, much to my astonishment, the display sprung to life with the Raspberry Pi’s boot sequence,” he explained. “It literally worked the first time.“He has since replaced the Zero with a speedier Raspberry Pi 3 and set up Resin/Resin OS—”a really cool Docker orchestration service for IoT devices.”A 13-year-old karaoke machine displays the Raspberry Pi boot sequence (via Brett Neese)“This makes it very easy for me to manage and push software to the Pi, especially given my goal … is to be semi-autonomous,” Neese wrote.The Frankenstein’s monster-esque gadget is currently running an open-source digital signage solution, allowing the user to push videos and website to it “at will.” Neese is also working to supply cellular data through a USB modem for an independent, always-on machine.“What I plan to do with this will be revealed with time,” according to Neese. “But for right now I’m pretty happy staring at the strange retro-futuristic object in my kitchen, looping Meshes of the Afternoon on a tiny black-and-white CRT, while I weigh the absurd realization that I connected a karaoke machine to the Internet and it may indeed be one of the strangest machines running Docker in the world.”Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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