King Mohammed VI Launches Women Children Programs in Tangier

Tangier  –  King Mohammed VI launched and inaugurated, here Monday, a set of projects, part of the Tangier-Metropolis program, to promote women’s social-economic conditions and protect children from poorest families.The Sovereign inaugurated a women’s education and training center in the Mghogha Lakbira neighborhood and launched construction works of a center for active women in Bir Chifa neighborhood, a center for mothers in distress at the Branes neighborhood, a female student campus “Dar Attaliba” in the Mghogha Lakbira neighborhood.Worth 27.5 million dirhams, these community projects showcase the interest granted by HM the King to human development and constant will to grant all social groups the means and tools of social-economic integration to give them a chance to take an active part in the country’s development.The women education and training center in the Mghogha Lakbira neighborhood that the Sovereign launched construction works in March 2014 aims to support poorest women by giving them various skills (cooking, pastry, design-sewing, hair-dressing, embroidery) to help them have stable incomes through income-generating activities. The center (5.2 million dirhams), co-sponsored by the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), the National Mutual Help administration, the Tangier-Assilah prefecture and a set of NGOs, will promote functional literacy of recipient women, conduct awareness-raising activities and care for their children under 3.On it part, the center for active women in Bir Chifa neighborhood (3.5 million dirhams) will secure greater social stability and successful economic integration for recipients.Built on 1,154 square meters, the center will give women in this neighborhood a chance to take literacy classes and be trained in income-generating activities (clothes-cutting and sewing, embroidery, glass drawing and ceramics) and enable their children to take quality pre-school education.The project, to be completed in 18 months, is carried out in partnership with the prefecture of Tangier-Assilah, the Tangier city hall and the national mutual help administration.The Children’s home (8 million dirhams) seeks to promote children development, provide moral and psychological support to children in a difficult situation and information, education and awareness-raising on children rights.The Sovereign also launched the construction works of a Centre for Mothers in Distress in the Branes neighborhood. This structure will provide social, psychological and legal assistance necessary for mothers in difficult situation, sensitize and support them and their children in the best conditions.This INDH project, carried out on an area of 635 square meters, will house rooms for medical and psychological treatment, listening and counseling, family planning, legal assistance, a media library, a gym, a temporary accommodation space for mothers in distress with a capacity of 30 beds, a dining hall, a playground, a lounge and a nursery.As for the female student campus “Dar Attaliba” in the Mghogha Lakbira neighborhood, it is built on an area of 850 square meters and aims to fight school dropout of girls, especially from rural areas and disadvantaged families.These projects will strengthen the social offer at the city of Tangier, allowing the population to fully engage in the momentum of multidimensional development in Tangier. read more

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