Government is Dedicated to Protecting Consumers Rights El Othmani

Rabat- Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani stressed that the government is dedicated to protecting consumers, referencing the ongoing boycott campaign in the parliament meeting with House of Councillors on Tuesday. In the meeting convened to discuss the boycott against the high prices of Sidi Ali, Centrale Danone, and Afriquia, El Othmani emphasized his commitment and responsibility to “listen intently” to the requests of citizens.Staying up-to-date on the boycott, he pointed out the government’s commitment to serve the public interest: to promote purchasing freedom; encourage company production and investment; protect the dignity of the citizen, be he a consumer, trader, or employee in rural or urban areas; and to consider the benefit of the Moroccan economy. He assured the people that the government has taken measures to answer the question of consumer products and market satisfaction, as shown through its launch of a consumer complaint hotline “57 57” dedicated to citizen comments and complaints about market monopolization or corrupt business practices.On the threshold of Ramadan, El Othmani invited everyone to start a new chapter by embracing tolerance, positivity, and joint efforts working for the country’s economic growth, supporting consumers’ purchasing power and improving the situation of farmers and employees.In the process, El Othmani regretted some “verbal errors” expressed by ministers on the boycott, underscoring the government’s dedication to protecting all consumers.El Othmani also pointed to past examples of market monopoly during the holy month, when some enterprises took advantage of citizens’ increased demand for certain consumer products, by doubling their prices.Legal ProtectionsEl Othmani mentioned a set of legal texts concerned with consumer protections that the government upholds to protect consumers through a “free market” that ensures price stability and monetary freedom. These regulations include “Law 28.07 related to food safety; Law 31.08 related to safety measures for consumer protection; Law 24.09 related to products safety and service safety.” The government has taken measures to reinforce the consumer protections through applicable law, as agreed upon by the minister of justice and the minister of trade on March 22, regarding Law 31.08 concerned with safety measures for consumer protection.El Othmani further announced draft resolutions adopted to track product prices and analyze their qualities, particularly widely consumed products.In 2016 and 2017, thanks to more than 28,400 monitoring operations, around 8,200 violations were detected. Online monitoring operations covered more than 220 websites, and issued warnings for 190 potential scams. read more

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