Strengthen the leadership of the party to the people’s Congress work hard to create a new situation

– Datong County People’s Congress held a meeting of the National People’s Congress

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8 17, Datong county Party committee held a working meeting of the National People’s Congress, a comprehensive summary of the achievements and experience gained in recent years, Datong County People’s Congress work, arrangements for the deployment of the new era of National People’s congress. All county-level leadership, county departments and county units, people’s organizations, vertical departments, the township party secretary, chairman of the National People’s Congress, township and County People’s Congress Standing Committee and the provincial people’s Congress, the city and county representatives attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee, county people’s government Han Shengcai. Municipal Committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, county people’s Congress Chairman Song Weilin made an important speech. The meeting issued the "Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County People’s Congress on Further Strengthening and improving the work of opinions", development and Reform Bureau, Jingyang County People’s court, county town people’s Congress made a statement, the county people’s government, county people’s Procuratorate, Qiaotou town Party committee submitted a written exchange material.   read more

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